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Our story

The Butcher Shop first opened it’s doors back in 1983 and has been family owned and operated ever since! Though our menu has grown since then, we still prepare everything the same way now as we did back then! From our made from scratch bakery items, our daily ground beef, hand cut fries, all the way down to our fried chicken breading. If you get up early enough you can smell our fresh baked bread being cooked and maybe even run into some of our daily regular coffee drinkers that have been coming in for years! We are a staple of the greater East Texas community and take pride in serving the best American comfort food around. If you were to ask about us, you would hear things like “free beans and chili everyday”, “best burgers in town”, and “gotta go for the Thursday Night Special!” So we would love to have y’all stop on in next time y’all are round these parts and come git ya’ some!